We are very excited for you to join our community of curious minds! We do have some ground rules before we can lift off though. Please read and consider them and we can start our journey together:


  • Friction is a good thing and we encourage healthy discord if it happens, but we ask that while at The Space everyone refrains from language or activity that threatens the safety and peace of our community.
  • The Space has designated library hours, we ask that everyone maintain a discreet volume while visiting in that time.
  • Kindness encourages collaboration and collaboration is the only means of achieving creative endeavors. We ask that everyone treat each other with respect.


  • While we make our best efforts to maintain an environment of openness, in case there is any damage to the premises of The Space due to the actions of a guest they may be liable to pay compensation for the repairs.
  • Young minds need to be protected the most in order to help them explore and express themselves. With that in mind, we take a lot of care during our classes to see that they receive the attention they deserve. However, outside of class timings or during events where a parent guardian is required to be present, we ask that the children be under the guardian’s supervision.

Photo & Video Release

  • We take great pride in the programs and events we conduct and in line with that pride is a drive to document and share the experiences with others. As a participant at The Space, you allow us to use the photographs and videos taken to be used in our social media marketing or in promotional material including but not limited to:
  • wethespace.com
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Newspaper Publications
  • Online Publications
  • Banners or Posters


  • The Space has a no refund policy
  • The only exception being in the case that a program or event gets cancelled