“Jamming with other people will create energy and excitement that you can feed off of, which will push you to do things you’d never dream of doing by yourself.” – Dimebag Darrell

Don’t call it an open mic, The Space Jam is all about getting musicians of all levels to play together to create something new. While we encourage people to prepare a musical piece or a song, we also ask that they stay open to others chiming in with their own contributions. This is why there is no distinction between participants and audience members.

Music comes naturally to all of us and there is no performer too big or too small at The Space Jam!

Musicians from all Genres Welcome!

It doesn’t matter what instrument, or genre you play. From Indian classical music to metal players, all are welcome at The Space Jam. Help others discover your genre and perhaps you’ll fall in love with a type of music you weren’t even aware of. Who knows, maybe you’ll even start a new band!

Past Space Jam Events

11th August, 2023

School of Rock @ The Space

If you feel inspired to pick up a long forgotten instrument, or a brand new instrument – check out our School of Rock program. With instructors who are active musicians and live performers, our classes are geared towards getting you stage ready!